Sunday, September 4

day trip

Saturday. The cellmate had been pressurizing for a weekend away. For the sake of balance I had been resisting. I'm dreadfully hard to winkle out from home. Today we compromised on a day trip.

An hour into the trip we had a destabilising row, which continue to simmer during the morning bush walk. I would tell you who was in the wrong, but I'm too much of a gentleman.

But then we happened upon a wee village tucked away in a corner of the forest, just out of reach of urban hustle, and everything became simple again. Fish and chips for lunch, and I had a pint of proper beer. Great waitress (at my age, I think one values friendliness and professionalism more than looks - though Albert would disagree).

After lunch we went for a second walk, discovering a beautiful long curving beach, almost deserted.

Then we walked inland through weird dense forest growing out of sand. There were funny little flowers and coloured fungi. I wanted to take some photos to show you, but the cellmate was setting the pace and I didn't want to risk the mood by stopping.

On the drive home through endless suburbs of red brick, we spotted an improbable cafe inside a seedy antique shop. So we stopped for superb tea and cake. Once again, the waitress was warm and attentive. In that part of the world they all seem to be happy, expert and friendly. It can really make a difference to your day.

Back home, I had one of the home made beers with alcohol in it, and the cellmate cooked a beef and veggie stir fry. Good TV, climaxing with a one-hour documentary about the first Doors album.

It's been great to get away for the day, I'm so grateful I was persuaded. And tomorrow we meet a non-deifheid couple we know, in the only art gallery I love.

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  1. Albert? Are you ever scared of a big monster thing jumping on you whilst you're out there going walkabout with your didgeridoo? Hotboy

  2. Hotters. The big monsters seem to ignore me, possibly because I've led a blameless life. But I do occasionally worry about the wee monsters that can kill you out there, miles from any hospital.

  3. I like day tripping, the joy of adventure and the comfort of your own bed.

    What a lovely beach.

    I like to avoid places that the critters are dangerous, but so far every place I've gone has something than can hurt me. Life's a risk.

  4. I say!

    I had not realised how attractive New Caledonia is. Did you see any Rhynochetus jubatus?

    MM III

  5. I say!

    Were you in your helicopter when you took that photo?

    MM III

  6. Nanners. One's own bed. Exactly! Although now I've no landline, only a mobile, that's one less reason to return home and listen to messages.

    Mingers, as you can see I was out of my head. Is the rhino thing to do with the nose?