Saturday, April 25

Anzac Day report from our Southern Hemisphere Military Correspondent

Sir John Monash was probably the best General of WWI. 

He not only invented the principle of providing his men with air cover. He also used tanks for cover and machine gun attack, plus the creeping barrage, whereby the field gun would project shells in front of the men.

Adam Henry McKibbin of the 4th Machine Gun Corps wrote home about the industrial machine, useless British generals, the putrid smell of flesh and the total waste of human life. His letters were uncensored because he sent them home from Weymouth recuperating from gas. 

None of this Nancy Boy "oh that's totally un-PC" CRAP - that's just straight out of some middle class L*zzo-F*g, left wing, shut-the-argument-down-because-it-may-offend-our-sensibilities, bullsh*t. Unfortunately they are the very people that have f***ed left wing politics in this country. And unlike the Labourites of old, have never done a decent days physical work in their whole lives, but see themselves as life's VICTIMS and MARTYRS.

And as for the little Johnny Too Goods going to Gallipoli now for the commemoration service, well I'd get them to sign up for Military Service on their return, except their Mummies wouldn't like it.

Australians need to harden-the-f***-up or we will be overrun one day.

The views expressed here are not necessarily etc....

Friday, May 16

Lord of The Ring

I lost the gold ring that I've had almost all my life. Everyone in my family used to have identical rings, but they had all lost theirs, or had them stolen. Owning the last remaining ring had allowed me to annoy them by claiming to be the rightful family head.

So I went to the cop shop in case someone handed it in. The police were very friendly, and when I showed them a photo of the ring, they said it would be helpful if they could have the original file for their database. To reach my USB stick, I unpacked half of my backpack on the counter, including a discarded bail court attendance order that I had found in the street outside. 

I warned them that there might be hundreds of photos on the stick, but they said that wasn't a problem. One of the officers plugged my USB stick into his computer and seemed to spend a long time looking at the contents. I suddenly wondered - what the hell else have I got on the stick? Eventually he found the ring pic, and took a copy to file with his report.

When I got home, I checked the stick, and found multiple full frontal photos that Denny and I took of each other, pissed of course. 

Wednesday, February 12


How James Bond transports delicate seedlings home on the bus.