Tuesday, January 22

a year's worth of social life

My New Year's Resolution to spend even less time with deifheids was trashed on January 2nd.

What a big day it was! First off, we met up with the pictish hordes from Australia, and it all worked out fine. I was so excited to see these people after 16 years, at one stage I thought I was going to faint. We walked for an hour, then breakfasted for an hour, then walked some more. Just long enough to exhaust all that we had to say to each other. Any longer, and it would have got boring. We'll need to wait another 16 years so that we can forget the whole conversation and talk about it all over again. And paying for their food was a rite of passage for me, after all the freeloading I did at their place.

In the afternoon we met up with El Hermo, and I must say he was in better shape than the last time, 2 years ago, when he had just split up with his Spanish woman. You have to watch this guy though, like many people who have had serious drug careers. When he heard that my bliss partner is going away for 2 weeks, he said he'd move in at my place, because "you'll be lonely". I had to explain that I never get lonely, and besides the home brew is alco-free.

Then in the evening there was a birthday party for acquaintances-becoming-friends. I hate parties but this one was relatively low-key, and after 2 hours of wallflowerdom I got into party mood and the partner had to drag me away. There was 20-year-old eye candy, there were flirtatious 50-year-olds for playful conversation, and there was a guy who told me how I could make a packet doing what he's doing. He does specialist IT work that I only teach about, but I've taught it so often that I could probably actually do it in a company. If I could ever be bothered.

I think maybe I'm beginning to understand one reason why people go to parties: in one hit, you fill up your tank of social contact, then you don't have to see anyone else for months. That's a great return on investment.

PS - don't you hate it when someone you told about something years ago, forgets that you were the source of the info, and tells you all about it? Two years ago I recommended bliss pills to El H. Now he's recommending them to me.

Thursday, January 10

do you like pina coladas?

Is nobody blogging this year? Surely there are more important things to give up for new year?

While the partner in bliss is on a 2-week working holiday in Malaysia I'm unwinding at home, aided by the mind-sapping heat and the boomerang virus I caught from the mother outlaw. The authorities are warning old people (not me) to stay indoors today, because of the heat and humidity. The warning probably applies double to people with viruses. They didn't say anything about tantric masturbation though.

My cross-dressing school friend is in town and coming to stay tomorrow. Must load the fridge with Freedom Ale for a tasting session. Life could be worse.

Monday, January 7


At last! It's now only a year until the changing of the guard in Washington. Maybe the world can limp along until then without starting any new wars or atrocities.

Obama's success is perhaps encouraging, though I read a more pessimistic interpretation in a newspaper today:
A nation that can vote for Bush in the first place, and then re-elect him with a larger majority after his invasion of Iraq, does not look like a nation yet ready to elect a mixed-race, liberal, Harvard-educated civil rights lawyer, no matter how elegant or articulate.

There was an election here recently, and I had to go to three celebration parties on election night. I've never been to a good party yet. These things are wasted on me. Fortunately the three parties were many miles from each other so I was able to spend most of the evening travelling. I spent an hour at the first place, 20 minutes at the second, and missed the third entirely.

If they had been on three different dates, that would have been three wasted nights instead of just one. How fortunate I was!

Tuesday, January 1

a happy new year of the thong

For educational reasons, I am sharing this email I received, on the right and wrong way to wear a thong.

The right way

The wrong way