Saturday, July 13

viewing the bars

The day after our return to the PPP HQ, for a treat I walked on the grass in the park, and got away with it. Next, there was a formal viewing of the gold bars at the bank vault. It must have done my head in, because afterwards I managed to walk into a lamp post, breaking my specs but not my nose. Blood everzwhere, but people have been so helpful, advising me to always look where I'm going. Now, why didn't I think of that!

Piddledorf is a very small town where nothing happens, so I half-expect a local newspaper headline - "visiting relative of local politician survives collision after walking on grass".

The town is too small for an internet cafe, but they do have an internet pub, where I'm now typing this after breakfast, amongst chain-smoking serious drinkers. And in a one-horse town, who can blame them? If it wasn't for Erdinger weissbier and the double ration of bliss pills, I might lose the will to live.

Meanwhile, Albert is attending an annual re-enactment of the day the Kaiser stepped out of his carriage.

Yoga report
  • Yesterday I did the extended sun salute with the geriatric modifications and the Denny visualisations
  • Today so far there were the navy SEALs abdo exercises
Tai Chi report
  • None since Glasgow
Cardiac exercise
  • Ran up and down the stairs at the PPP 10 times, while the cellmate and PPP were playing canasta.

Useful links:
Retention Deficit Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Sunday, July 7

drinking at lunch

In Scotland there was frequent lunchtime drinking. Twice we attended "pie and a pint" theatre performances (including a brilliant 50-minute Taming Of The Shrew), and I had to help the cellmate by wolfing her share of mutton pies and Tennents. 

And most of our day trip to Edinburgh was spent in pubs.

Sobering up on tea, in a pub with a Blissheid:

Wednesday, July 3

more from the botanics

Fishies at the Botties, and plants filling the hothouse.



Monday, July 1