Sunday, July 7

drinking at lunch

In Scotland there was frequent lunchtime drinking. Twice we attended "pie and a pint" theatre performances (including a brilliant 50-minute Taming Of The Shrew), and I had to help the cellmate by wolfing her share of mutton pies and Tennents. 

And most of our day trip to Edinburgh was spent in pubs.

Sobering up on tea, in a pub with a Blissheid:


  1. Didn't realize you were on my side of the pond.

    Come on out to Dunoon. It is lovely here.

    Hope you are having fun.

  2. Thanks Nanners, I've been thinking about you. I've now left UK but would like to see you next time. X

  3. I say!

    It looks as if you were enjoying a nice cuppa in the bar with your PB, and then they let the riff-raff in.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. PB = Personal Best? Private Bliss? Personal Baggage?

    Can you recommend a bar without riff raff?

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  6. Mackers. No need to apologise.