Friday, September 20

fortunate ones

The job I'm doing at the moment required me to discipline someone this week. If I had gone ahead right away, my discomfort would have caused me to make a mess of it, and everybody would have felt bad. Instead, I took a couple of days to mull it over, and consider options.

Today I did the deed, gently and fairly but without backing down or going soft. What a fortunate person he was, to have me on his case!

 Meanwhile, last week's heat wave has ended in a return to winter chill, and the poor plants don't know if they're coming or going. These flowers are growing in the gap between houses, near where the possum jumps across every night. I'd like to discipline it with a shotgun.

It's Friday, and to paraphrase John Grierson I wish you all, over the borders and over the sea, in the campervan, or bus to Samye Ling, a very good night.

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  1. Albert? Great photie! Friday night at the Samye here. Who were you disciplining? Did you use one of those paddles, or was it just the handcuffs and cat o nine tails? I bet they appreciated it! Hotboy