Thursday, November 14

conference extremes

This week I went to a conference, probably the last one I'll ever attend. Very enjoyable, the complete opposite of my first-ever conference. It all balances out.

My first one was half a lifetime ago in Cambridge, where I had to deliver a half-hearted and vacuous paper in front of about 600 clever and critical tech-heads. Stressful as eff.

If that was my most inhumane conference, this week's was the opposite. A roomful of like-minded geeks, communicating by tweets, with no need for small talk and other annoyances. All tweets, questions and interjections from the floor were actually on-topic! 


  1. Sounds like in this case technology was actually working to keep things running smoothly.

  2. Nanners. I know! Who'd have thought it? The exception proving the rule perhaps.

  3. Mingers. Don't tell certain freelance Buddhists, but there was a bar with free drinks.