Thursday, July 23


Here is the news.

Item 1 - A distant relative is coming to stay for a whole month or more.

Item 2 - The Maisel's Weisse has successfully completed a battery of black-box tests, and now goes forward to the acceptance testing phase. Early results have been most encouraging, showing bliss levels almost off the scale.

I stumbled across this new wheat beer last weekend during a 4-hour harbour walk in the winter sunshine with the partner. The bottle shop had no Erdinger, and I couldn't remember whether I like Weihenstephaner, but then I noticed this Maisel stuff.

I told the guy behind the counter that if I liked it I'd be back. I asked what discount he could offer on a bulk buy. 10% on a six pack, and even more on a box! It's still three times the cost of New South Caledonian beer, but you can't put a price on happiness.

I've suggested to the partner that we do a repeat harbour walk this weekend. It shouldn't be hard to get her to park near the bottle shop, and I'll smuggle the box into the boot while she's not looking. What heights of bliss I'm going to achieve if I don't do my back in!

Item 3 - Dances With Men is back in the country and we may pick him up after the walk. Note to self - don't let him get a look in the boot.


  1. Tell Dances with Men Now I was asking after him. Cha cha cha! Hotboy

  2. Albert? I've found the beer at the end of the universe. It's a schneider Weisse, Hoppen Weisse, and weighs in at a murderous 8.2% alc/vol. But it really takes good!! I recommend a sherry glass before you go walking the dog. How is the dog, by the way. The Rinpoche says you shouldn't put them down just because they're old and completely funged. Are you going to carry it about and clean it's bum when it gets past it? I don't think you will. Hotboy

  3. I will when I see him again next week. I can say you'd like to see him if only you weren't incognito.

    The superbeer sounds like a teutonic wee heavy. Okay so it tastes good but what about the bliss effect?

    Dog almost back to what we think of as normal. Still aboput a kilo under weight so am feeding chicken, tuna etc. four times a day.

    I'd rather do doggie nappies than human ones any day, so forget about adding that to the hut management roster. You'll have to come to terms with your own bottom one day.

  4. I say!

    I didn't realise that it was possible to negotiate deals in bottle-stores. Well done.

    How long will the box last? At Hotters' place, a box lasts about two hours, if he's by himself, that is.

    MM III

  5. mingers, sadly I could only carry a six-pack. True, DWMN was with me and could have carried more, but that would have tempted fate.