Sunday, January 6

fire and water

We're on a short holiday in Australia, a country that has escaped recession so far, but according to investment bank Societe Generale it is “a credit bubble built on a commodity market built on an even bigger Chinese credit bubble". Its economy is tied to Chinese growth. 

The day we arrived in Hobart was its hottest day for 120 years. 40 degree high winds, like a full-body hairdryer. Ghastly. And the poor volunteer firefighters have to be out in it all day, in full overalls. Had a great view from the plane, of bush fires ablaze in several places outside the city. Outlaw rellies drove the length of Tasmania to meet us before they closed the roads. The whole population of one village was driven by flames out of their houses and down to the shore, for evacuation by sea. Their houses are ashes. That evening, our sky was bright pink/orange.

I once read the first page and a half of the hobbit, so won't need to see the film. And yet, today I immensely enjoyed Life Of Pi 3D, despite having ploughed without joy through all of that book. The ship scenes in particular put the fear of god into me and had me jumping in my seat. 


  1. I say! I say!

    I seem to be seeing double at your establishment. Won't be the first time, I'll tell you, what?.

    Brian Wilson emailed me from his Porty Castle to say that he definitely hasn't been tempted by Hotters' tails of limitless nude yoga, colonic irrigation, and nekkid tai chi (etc) and has decided not to join the frivolities on The Isle.

    Instead, he's been watching, so he says anyway, "Barry-Bavarian-twins-beer-drinking-oompah-music-accordian-stuff-kinda"

    This may well be the latest thing in Europe, but I'm definitely not going to click on the link.

    MM III

  2. I think watching your home burn down would be heart breaking. Fire is so terrible out of control.

    Hope you have a good holiday.

  3. Thanks Mingers, but the exciting looking link won't play on a mobile device.

    Nanners. The ones who lived to see their burnt homes were the lucky ones.

  4. That is very terrifying. Range fire can move so fast. I saw it in southern Arizona and it is scary.

    Hope you are having a good holiday.

  5. Mingers. Wonder if that's photoshopped.

    Nanners, the holiday is getting better now I'm back home.

  6. I say!

    It may have been photoshopped, as the bails are off and the batsman hasn't walked.

    MM III