Monday, March 11


I've been trying out a new app called Momentsia, which builds collages from the photos you feed into it. This is what resulted after I ran the app twenty times.

Most of the constituent photos were taken by me (a couple were by a friend, and one was stolen from a website). Unfortunately I have no eye for what constitutes a "good" composition, but maybe you have? If the top left collage is number 1, and the bottom right is number 20, I like the proportions of number 3 and number 16, but I don't know why. Also the last three, which are a wee bit suggestive of stained glass, like what Hotters' dotter creates in her studio.


  1. Interesting, I like the ones that look like stained glass.

    I'm not sure what you could do with pics like that, but I expect it keeps the hands busy.

  2. Nanners, it's a real time-waster, it's true, but it centered me for a while.