Wednesday, April 24

farewell vintage rotel 610

When I was 20 I bought my first decent stereo from one of the first ever Comet warehouses. I took a taxi home with two giant heavy Goodman Magnum K2s, a record deck, and a marvellous amp made by an unknown upstart Japanese company called Rotel.

The thing had so much power that I never dared turn the volume up more than half way, but even then the building would shake. The poor neighbours!

Two fellow reprobates kindly agreed to help test the effects in my room.

As a public service for any antique engineers, this is the circuit diagram for the amp. Contact me if you need a high-resolution copy.

I've had other amps over the years, but not a patch on the old Rotel 610. So recently I bit the bullet and got hold of a new model by the same manufacturer, the bottom of their range, but still brilliant! The cellmate doesn't see what the fuss is about - to her, all equipment sounds the same.


  1. I say!

    I believe that Comet has gone the same way as the Pound deal.

    MM III

  2. Mingers. How much do you pay for your deals now?

  3. I say!

    In AD14, Strabo wrote: On the Ocean

    In 1951, Kerouac wrote: On the Road

    In 2013, perhaps, Hotboy will write: On the Piss

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Many replies occur to me, but you never know who might read this.

    As long as it's not On The Street.