Monday, April 8

listless and blissless

Not sure whether I'm in shock, denial, grief, stress or all of the above. I wasn't prepared to feel so unsettled after the death, thousands of miles away, of a woman I've known since I was 20.

We were good chums as students. After we grew up, we would only meet up every 5 years or so, yet it was an ongoing connection, a bit like family but without the annoyance.

She and her partner were together for 40 years, longer than anyone I know and that includes anyone in my family. And they did it without the help of a wedding certificate (as far as I know).

They were a landmark in my life, and now it's as if an Easter Island stone statue is suddenly gone. 

Coincidentally, at the very same time, the bliss pills have stopped working. Must be a dud batch.

I have a beautiful photo of my friend, but she hated the idea of public pictures, so instead here's a peacock from Samye Ling, a place she had connections to.



  1. That kind of loss leaves a great hole in your life and you keep stumbling into it for a long time.

    It sounds to me like one of those friendships that time and distance made no difference to, it was as if you had just stepped away for a moment. Those are very precious.

    What a beautiful photo to post for your friend. Samye Ling is a lovely place.

  2. Nanners, those friendships are just the best! I'm chuffed that you enjoyed the photo. I took it nearly 30 years ago.

  3. I say!

    I understand from reliable sources that there was not a dry eye in the chapel when the daughter spoke, but that things perked up a little at the wake.

    Sorry to hear about the bliss pills. Maybe what you need is what John from Amsterdam brought John the partner in a little bag.

    MM III

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