Sunday, May 12

feat of strength (with clickypic)

I once won a bet by tearing a phone book in half with my bare hands.

If you click the pic, you'll see how it's done.

Click to see how to do it.

Yes, if you slowly bake the phone book for several hours in a just-warm oven, the paper dries out and goes so weak that anyone can rip it, even me.

You could try it too, but I accept no responsibility if you turn your oven up full blast, set fire to the phone book and burn your house down.

For younger readers, an "oven" is a sort of clockwork microwave.

For younger readers, "clockwork" is a kind of ... ach, never mind.


  1. I say!

    Abdul does not have an oven, or a phonebook, but wonders if it would work with a pile of old newspapers on an open fire.

    MM III

  2. Tell Abdul, petrol works best.