Wednesday, May 29

inspirational addiction

For the price of a carton of cigarettes, you can now buy a device that helps you wean yourself off smoking, by inhaling steam. Take a hit of pure nothing! A new business model moving in to exploit the market in smokers' lungs. I suppose it is a kind of progress. 

Meanwhile, thanks to innovation in the alcoholic world, diet-conscious drinkers can now inhale alcohol to avoid the calories ...

Even old Albert has resorted to indulging his addiction in inhaled form - his way to get a hit of pheromones is by breathing deeply around a fragrant young beauty. 

sometimes wonder if I'm the only normal healthy person left.


  1. If you are a normal healthy person I think I'm jealous. Been too long since I was either.

    Wonder if they could make inhale food? Might make my guts happier.

    The world is full of strange things.

  2. Nanners, I reckon the lungs were not designed for absorbing anything other than oxygen.

    Have you ever had intravenous feeding? I like that idea more.

  3. Not if you had to have someone retry getting a line going 9 times in one night.

    Yeah I've done it, it has some very scary infection risks. Above and beyond having someone stab at you repeatedly.