Saturday, August 17

a year in toiletry

It's been a toiletty year. I used a chic restaurant toilet, where the urinal was a glass wall looking out onto the terrace. The one-way glass lets you wee directly at the other diners without them knowing.

Before that I did a DIY toilet refit.

And I saw this urinal last month, on the trip when we visited UK, Bavaria and Spain. Which country do you think it's from, and why?


  1. I say!

    That took a lot of explanation, when I showed it to the staff. "What are the white things?" they asked.

    Here is an African equivalent.

    MM III

  2. Mingers. What a refreshing approach to privacy.

  3. Correct Hotters. Bavaria"s surfeit of female blondness coexists with a dearth of chic South East Asians. You can't have it all, and it all balances up.