Tuesday, August 13

my favourite things

It's great to have people you love, but most of mine are in another hemisphere. Or dead. Perhaps to compensate, my life here is full of much-loved objects.

One possession that gives me a lot of happiness is my winter quilt. The quilt ratings here go from 1-season (summer only), right up to 4-season. But the one I bought was advertised as a 5-season quilt. Perfect for my skinny body, it's crammed full of new wool, yet it feels feather-light. 

The photograph actually contains several more of my favourite things, including the down pillow that travels everywhere with me. Without it, I'd suffer the screaming neck pain more often than I do. 

Hidden under the covers, another thing I'm grateful to is the electric blanket. A roasting bed at night is a wonderful welcome to oblivion. I sometimes even leave it switched on all day just in case I feel like an afternoon nap.

Even the book in the picture is my current fave, Irvine Welsh's Skagboys, a Trainspotting prequel. Possibly his blackest, funniest yet, it also makes you thankful that you've never had to live in the violent junkie subculture of proletarian Edinburgh. 

The ipad mini on the quilt is for bedtime scrabble, email, reading ebooks and the newspaper, Twitter and FB, and for writing this very post. 

Nobody's life is perfect, and mine has some major gaps, but what a fortunate creature I am really. So I am!


  1. PS. The majority of my friends sleep alone by choice.

  2. I say!

    Your cricket bat must be under the bed, just like mine. Convenient in case you want to practise a forward defensive in the middle of the night, or defend yourself against criminals.

    MM III

  3. Mingers. There's a hatchet under the bed, but you're right - it's only any use at close quarters, and burglars aren't known for their personal hygiene. A golf club would keep them at arm's length, eh? And a catapult with marbles or ball bearings, in case there's time to reload.

  4. I love my bed!! Brushed cotton sheets! My favourite place!

  5. What a fortunate creature one is, to have a bed and to appreciate it.