Sunday, December 8

3 captains, or 4 if you count the cricket guy.

I had an email from Rodders.

On 8 Dec 2013, at 10:33, Rodders wrote:

Must admit that it confuses me that, the creekit about to happen, you
are concentrating on sleeping.  Surely, you should be doing Our Prayer
for Cap'n Cook and the boys?

Coincidentally, last week I spent a day walking from the spot where Captain James Cook landed, later passing the place where former class captain Albert first lived after he landed, to end up at the shack where Cap'n Kev now lives (he came ashore and sold the boat).


  1. I say!

    Fair enough, but what does that have to do with cricket?

    BTW, I have emailed Andy Flower, letting him know that the entire Kalimbuka XI are available for the Perth Test.

    MM III

  2. I'll refer you to Rodders, he's the expert.

  3. This is actually quite interesting. Did you read The Fatal Shore?

  4. Mackers. I saw the film to save time.

  5. Albert? What a shame! A great book. The story of the convicts eating each other stays with me yet!