Thursday, December 26

barricades and barbecues

I've survived another night in NZ, staying with the trusting outlaws, who happily leave their doors and windows open all night. I've had to barricade my bedroom door. 

It's Xmas morning, and New Zealand's main worry is whether the rain will spoil barbecue plans. I agree with them - at least if everyone's out in the garden, you can get peace to watch the TV. 

I read a quote: Christmas is that special time when the whole family gathers in one place to look at their smartphones. 

In this country there seems to be a church on every second corner. Most of them are tiny, and look like ordinary houses. You learn to tell them apart by looking at the apex of the roof - a TV aerial means a house, but a cross means a church.


  1. I say!

    Do they have 'Armed Response'?

    MM III

  2. I'm so glad to see you taking an interest in religion!

  3. Since I arrived in New Zealand, comments seem to keep disappearing from this blog. Strange.

  4. Great idea to turn your house into a church!! If I had a house, I might do that. The Disbelieving Congregation needs an address for folk to send their cheques to. Our motto is we don't pray, you just pay!