Saturday, August 29

tips for blissheids

If you're a blissheid, it helps to have some advice on techniques that can make your life a bit easier.

So here's a trick that allows you to tune out anywhere and any time, without anyone noticing.

Secondly, when you're doing yoga don't attempt this position, unless you want to walk around like a flatheid with your heid up your own bottom.


  1. Albert? You don't look well in the first photie, but in the second one ... well, we're all a bit like that except some of us are more like that than others of us! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. I was talking to Doc Bob the other day, and he says to tell you stop thinking about fags and get on the bliss pills.

  3. Albert? Spoke to the pizzaman tonight. He's been off the fags now for 10 weeks and sticks patches on himself and sucks lozenges. What a wimp, eh? Cold turkey is the only way to go!!! Hotboy p.s. I could never afford patches. I can afford proper drugs, but not that stuff! Dearie me!

  4. I say!

    The first photo has got Wilson extremely confused.

    MM III

  5. Yes, the second one makes perfect sense.

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