Tuesday, August 4

another day off in paradise

The day so far.

Walked dog. Went back to sleep for an hour.

Even in winter here, the cold is made bearable by bright sunshine. So I painted the window outside, while listening to Brian Keenan's book called, I think, An Evil Cradling. I had read it before, but this is him reading the audiobook.

Caught up on blogs. Now it's off to the city to support the partner at her meeting with a financial adviser, maybe head him off if he's thinking of advising her to dump me as a liability.

Then I may take myself to see Harry Potter. I avoided all the others in the series but this one looks like it might be enjoyable by grown-ups.

Tomorrow will be a long day at work, like yesterday, but the days off inbetween always help balance things out.


  1. Albert? I'd like to become your financial adviser. I advise that you make out a will giving all the nazi gold to the Disbelieving Congregation. This will secure you a spot in the thoughtless zone. Hope this helps. Nothing else will. A whole day with no drink or drugs and a financial adviser as well. Dearie dearie me!

  2. I say!

    The best slip fielders advise 'cradling' the ball when it comes at you fast, so possibly this Brian Keenan was on to something.

    MM III

  3. Albert? I read that Brian Keenan book. Very good writer! Hotboy

  4. mingers, it does seem to have helped him.

    hotters, I'd say he was a very good everything, to have come through that.

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