Tuesday, February 23

adrenalin rush

There's a phone in my bedroom, but the ringer's disabled. I hate getting heart-stopping calls in the middle of the night from drunks or rellies or both.

A man's bed should be a place of peace.

I went to sleep around midnight with the window wide open, to let some cool air in. I woke with the fright of my life, and screamed. Aaaaah! Someone was climbing in the window.

It turned out to be the cellmate, back from a night's partying, but without her house key.

Funny how some people find a way to get around your careful plans. It's not her fault though. Females are genetically programmed to gauge their own worth in terms of how much inconvenience a male will tolerate.

On the evidence, the cellmate is god's gift to men. I suppose I'm a fortunate creature.


  1. Albert? Haven't you got a gun? They'd never arrest you for shooting someone climbing in your window. You could have been in the money there! Hotboy

  2. Albert? If the wummin can climb in a window, you're obviously too old for her. Shows how athletic the polynesians are! Hardly any of the wummen I know could climb over a piano seat! Maybe you are fortunate after all. Hold your fire in that case! Hotboy

  3. Your reprieve came just in time.

    The female Polynesian is a fit creature but bulky. A south east asian would have got in without waking me. One lives in hope.

  4. I say!

    Either your burgle bars are spaced too widely, or your cellmate is extra-specially thin.

    It makes me glad that we have Abdul on patrol each night. Plus Armed Response, as a backup.

    MM III

  5. Mingers. What woke me was the clang of the head on the bars.