Saturday, February 5

white rabbit again

I'm getting a bit concerned about Albert's drinking. Here's what he says in his email:

This week I had to go back to the same pub with Cap'n Kev. If we take Erdinger as a reference point, with a score of 5 out of 5, here's what I drank:

• White Rabbit again, still easily the best brew in the place. Like an Erdinger watered down with fruit juice. Great in the hot weather. 4 out of 5.

• LIttle Creatures Pale Ale. Lovely smell. Gentle. Would be my recommendation if they ever run out of White Rabbit. 3.5 out of 5.

• James Squire Amber Ale. Like an English Real Ale, except chilled and with a froth. Nice, but it's not White Rabbit. 3.5 out of 5.

• Charlotte's Hefeweizen. In a bottle. Expensive. The label is pure adspeak, ambiguously phrased to suggest it's pure wheat but I don't think it is. Disappointing. 4.7%. 3 out of 5.

• Blue Tongue Pilsener. In a bottle. 4.5%. Clean hoppy German style. 2 out of 5.

The lesson I learned was that when you find your favourite, you should just stick with it. Treating life as one big sampling opportunity is just a distraction. It's the same with women: if you're fortunate enough to find a White Rabbit, stick with it. If it's not an Erdinger, so what!

Of course the analogy breaks down here - to get a real fraught Erdinger you'd have to go to Bavaria, and who could live with a Bavarian woman?


  1. I say!

    There's rumoured to be a Bavarian womann living over at Mulanje. Haven't met her myself, though.

    MM III

  2. How are hiis teeth with all that sugar?

  3. Albert? Nice that there's someone who will go out drinking with you! Quite the social success really, so you are! Hotboy

  4. Mingers. She may be a brewery heiress. Tell her I'm able to help her.

    Fillers. Perhaps you've heard of the Reinheitsgebot. No sugar allowed in Bavarian beer.

    Hotters. There's actually less distraction when you drink alone.

  5. Я приезжаю сюда, где меньше цензуры, чем в Шталаг