Sunday, January 30

free time and time running out

Last week I had to go to a concert.

This morning I was going to have to meet Cap'n Kev for coffee (at his suggestion), but after days of negotiation over time and venue, he has pulled out, so I can stay home.

My brother has been clearing out the old dear's place. He found some old photos, but otherwise nothing personal. Many cupboards and drawers were stuffed full of dictionaries, about 100 in total.

Yesterday we swam with the sharks again. We used to take the dog along, partly as a decoy, but she's on her last legs now, like the old dear and the former pension plan.

To balance things up, the only other female in my life is going from strength to strength, with her various exercise and yoga classes.

I'm somewhere in the middle, doing daily yoga, and walking. And housework. But we're all slowly dying of course.

The routine ultrasound was all clear, except they found a fatty liver. Normally you need to be overweight and an alcoholic or diabetic to get that. I've had none of the fun of drinking or over-eating, but I still get the ill effects! To balance things up, I've now started drinking every day.


  1. I say!

    The tonic in a G&T helps prevent you from getting malaria. It helps quite a lot.

    MM III

  2. Mingers, thanks for reminding me, malaria is the other affliction I've never actually had.

  3. Albert? Malaria would kind of suit you in that the shivering would rattle you to bits. Sorry to hear you have a fatty liver. I suppose that's a bad thing. Well, at least you've got some fat on you!! That's a surprise!! Hotboy p.s. My liver is wonderful. So are my other bits.

  4. Hotters, one can hardly blame your fat for wanting to stay away from the toxic environment of your liver.