Saturday, May 19

angry alien and cod taichi using kinotopic

I've been commissioned by Albert to test a possibly useful iPhone app called Kinotopic, which lets you freeze some parts of a photo, and animate others. This is a proof-of-concept trial, not a creative use. Story of my life, really. When I had a saxophone, I only played it long enough to know how to work all the keys, and ended up selling it back to the shop. And these days, when I practice the uke, I only do just enough to get it in tune and run through all the 10 chords I know.

Thank goodness it's walkies day today, and I get to go outdoors and do something, even if I have to wear a pantaclava to do it.


  1. Albert? Wonderful films! I wish I could do that kind of thing, but you'd probably have to learn something first. Oh well! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, they're awful. This is an instance where the time would actually have been better spent meditating.

  3. I say!

    I've just returned from the Elephant Marsh, down in the Lower Shire. No electricity down there, so I've been incommunicado. What did I miss?

    MM III