Saturday, May 12

tales of the river bank

On the 4-hour walk yesterday, I found a couple of strong, perfectly straight tree branches, and requisitioned them as what they called walking staffs a long time ago. I tried using them like nordic walking sticks. The technique, which I had always thought was for posers, actually works wonderfully. Talk about propulsion! And a great workout for the arms and back.

Since the mother outlaw died, there's less motivation to take photos. These Easter ones are similar to the terrain we were on yesterday.


  1. A walking staff is a wonderful thing.

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing.

  2. Albert? That doesn't look like a desert! Have you moved to a swamp? Hotboy p.s. I'm growing special cabbages you can make into walking sticks. No kidding!

  3. Nanners, aye, a staff is a serious thing.

    Hotters, I think you've been overdoing the yogurts again.

  4. I say!

    Wonderful snaps!

    MM III