Saturday, May 26

the shower screen

The new screen is in place. The main difference from the old screen is you now get a clearer view of whoever's sitting on the toilet. But the design nazi in me sees I made a few mistakes. For one thing, I should have asked them not to fit a handle. These glass doors pivot in or out with fingertip pressure, and are self-centering. Without a clunky handle, it would have a cleaner look.

The shower guy was an absolute sweetie - capable, informative, fast. The acceptable face of proletarianism. He even agreed to take away the heavy old screen and dispose of it, even though that wasn't part of the contract. When I offered him money, he wouldn't take it. But when I put a box of Becks beer into his van, honour was satisfied. I always have proper beer in the garage for giving away. It would be cruel to offer people the 0.5% home brew, which I prefer to keep for myself anyway. I need to keep a clear head for being antisocial.

The home brewed weissbier tasted horrible about a week after bottling, but now it has morphed into a good approximation of the real thing.


  1. I say!

    Wonderful looking shower! Makes me want to have a cold one.

    MM III

  2. Albert? The homebrew looks good! Shame there's no point in drinking it! HOtboy

  3. I'm just amazed nobody said anything about the toilet being in the shower.