Monday, August 13

bobby goes to colditz

(written while still in captivity)

On my last night at pension HQ, I've just broken the electric motor on the security shutter of my window. There'll be hell to pay in the morning when the eagle eyed one notices. It couldn't just be a random breakdown of course - it has to be my fault for pushing the switch in a non-Bavarian fashion.

I've been here for a week now, on dirty protest as usual to avoid the whole drying-the-shower argument. After a humid sweaty day I'm gasping for a shower, but I daren't let her catch me in the act or the fuss will start up again. She's taken out her hearing aid and gone to bed, but I'm waiting for the sound of snoring before I venture out to the bathroom.

It's like Bobby Sands in an episode of Colditz. With a little luck, I'll be safely on the train tomorrow before she discovers the busted shutter and wet shower.


  1. Those were good books. One of those places it might be interesting to visit.

    Sounds like too much fun for me.

  2. Albert? It's very nice of you to visit that old lady. Sounds perfect for toilet training the herrenvolk. Why don't you stay in a hotel and just visit? I guess it's down to the nazi gold and the will. Oh well, I suppose you have to grin and bear it then! Hotboy

  3. Nanners, it's good to find ways to make the ordeal amusing.

    Hotters, I actually arrived at the same idea last week- next time I'm using a hotel. Can't be helped that she'll experience it as a loss of face in front of the neighbours.