Sunday, August 5

windmills of my mind (what's left of it)

While setting up this shot, I fell head first into a ditch full of nettles, losing the phone in the process. Rummaging among the nettles to find the phone, I thought: is this any way to live?


  1. Albert? You look great!! Like continual summetime! Thanks! Hotboy

  2. I love wheat fields. Windmills are a great idea.

    Interesting pic

  3. Hotters. You must be so relieved you don't have to endure constant summer. Or any summer at all.

    Nanners. The corn on the cob is nearly ripe. Berries are in season, almost as tasty as the jock ones.

  4. I say!

    How fast can those aeroplanes go? They don't seem to have any fuselage.

    MM III

  5. Mingers. They go at about 500 miles an hour, the same speed as the earth's rotation at these latitudes.