Tuesday, August 14

therapeutic matters

Breakfast here is from 6 to 10.30. I had two breakfasts yesterday but ate much less than in one. You stick to fruit and juice for the first one, so as to leave room for number 2. But on returning at 10 you find your appetite's disappeared, and the room's so full of (very nice) Asian folk chattering, that it's like being in a flock of starlings. Thank goodness for my airtight headphones.

So today I had just a single (2-hour) breakfast. Picture a cavernous breakfast room, almost empty. A lesbian couple with screaming baby chooses the table right beside Albert. What's that about? Just curious.

Later, I went exploring in hot sun, and wandered into hundreds of dirty roadside stalls selling knives, Valium and Viagra. Not sure why tourists would want knives. The Valium is maybe against the jitters when you come down after an allnighter, and I gather the Viagra is to recharge you as soon as possible for the next whore. A nice business model - fleece people for sex, then sell them drugs that let you fleece them again sooner than they really want.

It was my gym night again tonight - I have been using a great abs machine, and learning how to better use a cross trainer. I wonder what machines they have back in New South Caledonia.

Today's example of balancing up: in Scotland, people with a free bus pass go on the buses in winter for a free heat. Here, I keep being driven onto yet another cheap train for the aircon. Or into a chilly shopping mall.


  1. I say!

    On hot days, when I'm in town, I sometimes go into the Kandodo supermarket, and stand in front of the open freezer door for a minute or two.

    MM III

  2. Albert? What a wonderful country that sounds like! Why don't you post some photies (not ones with the old guy in them!)? Some photies of the whores might be quite nice. Hope you don't catch anything. (That's what the valium will be for!) Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Try buying all the food out of the freezer, and climbing in.

    Hotters. lol

  4. Sounds a bit too interesting for my tastes, but I hope Albert is having a good time.

  5. Nanners, it's all relative. To Albert, kayaking sounds a bit too challenging.

  6. Point of view is everything. I kayak on pretty calm water in good conditions. None of the adrenalin junkie stuff for me.