Friday, September 21

place names

Auchallater, Birkscairn Hill, Dolphinton, Garvald, Carriden Woods, Keltneyburn, Inchgarth, Pheiginn, Braes of Foss, Catstone, Fadden, Craigengar, Lochcallater, Carn an Tuirc, Tillicoultry, Kinpauch.

The All Year Ramblers, based in Edinburgh, are a continuing source of new place names. This weekend they're going to Edinample. Who would have thought there's such a place?

Their current schedule offers a day's climbing every few days, for a 5-month period, with full details of public transport for each jaunt. I'm impressed that a volunteer organisation can plan, organise and advertise a detailed programme, and so far in advance! It would never happen here, where most folk can hardly manage to plan the next few hours ahead.


  1. Albert? Have you gone mad down there? This is a load of codswallop! What's the matter with a bit of spontaneity? Hotboy

  2. Hotters. The day you spontaneously read a user manual will be progress indeed. PS I was just wondering, are addictive behaviours an example of too much spontaneity, or the opposite?

  3. Albert? i don't do spontaneity. It's something for other people. Also, I don't know anything about addictive behaviour!! Indeed! Hotboy