Tuesday, September 25

SAMe "improves mood in older people"

Because some of my daily work involves product testing, I sometimes get roped in as an unpaid guinea pig. Doctor Bob has asked me to test a safe natural antidepressant, available without prescription.

The pills, called SAMe, are  said to improve mood in older people, without side effects. The US Department of Health's in-depth study of SAMe found that it significantly improves mood in older people with no negative side effects. Over more than 40 clinical trials conducted since the 1970s, SAMe has delivered remarkably consistent results. It is also claimed to reduce chronic pains such as arthritis.

Despite not being an older person, I started taking the pills, initially in addition to my regular bliss pills, but when the effect proved too strong I cut the bliss pills.

First the good news - I suddenly found I couldn't care less about most things. in addition, the usual minor aches and pains seemed absent. 

And there was an increased ability to observe myself with detachment. An example: when I got a wood splinter under a fingernail, extending half way back towards the cuticle, not only was it fairly painless, but I was able to perform minor surgery on myself without suffering pain. I inserted my antique Edinbra scalpel under my fingernail, and cut a channel back through the nail to the far end of the splinter, so I could lift it out with a pin.

There was still pain, but I could simply dismiss it. If this is a generalisable effect, think how it might help oldies with arthritis!

The only bit of bad news - the pills made me so comfortable that I can't be bothered doing anything. It's a wonder I could even be bothered writing this post.

Disclaimer - this blog does not recommend taking or stopping any medication. See your doctor.


  1. I say!

    If only some old people read this post, they might benefit.

    Hotters is old, isn't he?

    MM III

  2. Albert? On the first day without nicotine ... I've got a pal who's been on the max dose of the max anti-depressant for years now, and he likes the sound of bliss but doesn't want to do the meditations. He's rather take the chemical cosh. Why is the world full of such stupid, useless basturns? Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Yes he's ancient, but he's already in permanent bliss. If anything he needs a depressant to balance him up. Alcohol's a depressant, maybe he could try that.

    Hotters. If the world was full of enlightened beings, how would you stand out?

  4. Interesting, I might look into that for arthritis pain. But I find the idea of not caring about things a troubling side effect.

    Different things help in different ways.