Saturday, October 27

australian aboriginal art

I went with the cellmate to visit a guy who imports Australian aboriginal artworks direct from the outback. He's an art expert who visits certain communities and deals ethically with them. Apparently in the past, unscrupulous white Aussies would swap beer for art. Early death of the artist from alcohol abuse would increase the artworks' rarity value.

The cellmate wants a big painting for her living room, but we're both clueless about art, so we took along an art teacher chum.

The guy let us take home our four favourite paintings, to get to know them and decide which one to buy.

What do you think? The cellmate likes the second one best. It's also the most expensive:


  1. I like the last one with more colour.

    It also has a very interesting depth of field.

    I've never been very serious about art. I just pick what I like to look at or have around me.

  2. I say!

    It all depends on your colour scheme. I've had the entire house painted in Bongo Jazz 1 (, so just about anything goes well with that.

    MM III

  3. Nanners, that was my Favourite too, until I realised it was a bit too busy to be viewed at a distance (at least with my eyesight). I would enjoy it above my desk, where I could ponder the various bits at different times. But for my bedroom wall I'd want the second one - big and bold.

    The cellmate's choice is actually number 3.

    Mingers, I notice the bongo jazz (hardly PC) is at dulux uk. Did you import it? Coals to Newcastle.

  4. Buy 1 for your study, one for the living room and one for the bedroom

  5. Albert? Bottom one. Bound to be on this blog!! Hotboy

  6. Hotters. I ended up actually paying good money for the 3rd one. A first! It's worth 18 cases of Erdinger. Dearie me!

    It actually looks lovely over my bed.