Saturday, October 20

Dee's story continues

In a recent post we began Alec's story of sex, drugs, incest, madness and death. Today's instalment involves snooping, police, prosecution and punishment.

Just to recap, Alec was pretty sure that the person who sexually abused Dee was her brother 1, the marine commando.

In Alec's own words:


When I visited the old country, I hired a car and drove to Dee's grave, in a wee highland village.

Walking in the town, I passed a little art gallery, and the first thing I saw in the window was a picture by Brother 1, so I went in. Pretending to be an art buyer, I got a lot of information from the wee lady about Brother 1, including his address just round the corner.

Getting right into character now, I started haggling over the price, and beat the gallery down from £90 to £70. I was about to hand over the money, when I thought - what the hell am I doing? Why would I want to put money in the pocket of Dee's abuser? And then have a reminder of him in my home?

So I explained to the wee lady that I'm from the UnHeard Of Islands, and sadly wouldn't have room in my luggage. She said never mind, the artist would just be pleased to hear that someone from down there had been so interested in his work.

As I drove out of the town, I put my foot down and was immediately flashed by a speed camera. Damn!


To summarise: Alec saved £70 by not buying a picture; then immediately lost £60 on a speeding fine, paying for a picture of himself. Funny how things balance up.


  1. I say!

    One advantage of living in a place where there are regular power cuts is that they can't have speed cameras. Anyway, they'd get stolen within a week and sold to Zambia.

    MM III

  2. It is good that Alec didn't go round the corner and punch the brother in the nose.

    I think of speed cameras as an observation test, they aren't hidden at all. If you don't pay attention they get to take your picture. It is still a better choice than having one of brother's pics at home.

  3. Mingers. I never realized they even had speed limits in Malawi.

    Nanners. The brother would have pulverized Albert. PS I'd choose a speeding ticket over a car smash any day.