Wednesday, October 31

life in #balance

(I'm experimenting with hashtags in the post title. This blog auto-announces on Twitter.)

One reason I try not to have friends, is to avoid getting sidetracked. Even cyber friends can take over your life.

My northern hemisphere friend Hotters gave up the drink. Purely to balance things up and keep up the drinking averages, I've had to start going to the pub with Cap'n Kev. Last night after a couple of beers we went down to the basement where they make the stuff, and chatted with two of the brewers.

It was pure luck that I insisted on paying for one more round, and discovered my wallet had disappeared. This is why I shouldn't drink - I get careless. Eventually I found it in a dark corner behind my chair.

This morning I read that Hotters has undone all my good work, and gone back on the drink. To balance things up, he too lost his valuables in the pub. I wonder if he checked behind his chair.

Another northern visitor to this blog is a Brian Wilson addict. Yesterday I channelled him when I spotted an obscure Brian Wilson CD at a second-hand record stall. I had to buy it, even though Brian Wilson is about as much use to me as a meditation book.

Honestly! The things I do for my friends!

PS- a neighbour is selling his kayak.


  1. Albert? I can't believe you are drinking beer with beer in it!! I'm definitely taking the pledge now! Hotboy

  2. My online friends are often a source of comfort for me, because I can talk to them and never worry about if my house is a mess.

    Glad you found the wallet. I've gone teetotal in my old age, but sometimes abandon things in pure mindlessness.

    Buy the kayak, kayaking is the best way to relax and get exercise at the same time. If you have good water and decent weather. *grin*

  3. Albert? I drank a bottle of Erdinger with no alcohol in it yesterday. Strange idea. Very strange. I drank it really quickly! Still nothing. Dearie me! Hotboy

  4. I say!

    I think that Hotboy's wagon has some very slippery surfaces.

    MM III

  5. Nanners, with a dodgy back I'd need an orthopaedic kayak, maybe a kneeling one?

    Hotters, expecting a buzz from 0% beer is a sign of insanity or great faith. Could you start another religion around holy communion of the alcoless beer?

    Mingers. If it's helping get him off the ciggies then it's medicinal.