Saturday, November 7

friday night

Walked out of the McDonald Institute on Friday night into an eerie winter light. Sunsets here don't last long. I got these snaps within about 5 minutes.

I don't recall why I was Googling "assaults in Kilmarnock", but anyway in amongst all the court transcripts and reports, I stumbled on the official Kilmarnock Academy website where, amongst all the usual self-congratulation and window-dressing for parents, it said

Once again we fielded a strong team of prosecutors, defenders, accused and witnesses. We were relieved to have our Head Boy acquitted on a serious assault charge, despite his very obvious guilt. The positive impact of a smart suit was noted.

Sounds like they stacked the courtroom with old school stooges and the guy wore his Sunday best. What is Britain coming to? In my day, I never got any advantage, even with allegedly the best school tie in Glasgow.


  1. Albert? Great photies!! The evil bourgeois never got any advantages nohow, nowhere, eh? How come they treat the polis as their servants then? As in: Go along! Be a good chep, and biff those working class oink types a few times for not being nice! Pull the other one! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    In some parts near here, a small cadeaux can often clear the path.

    MM III

  3. Hotters - I wouldn't know. The Bavarian aristocracy is above class consciousness.

    Mingers - to be on the safe side, one could present the polisman with one's old school tie.