Tuesday, November 24

reasons to be cheerful

How fortunate one is, to have several things going well. My life has turned out nothing like what I imagined, but it's pretty fine.

I swam this morning, for the first time in months. Managed the customary mile no bother. Thanks partly to drinking the green tea and the extra lung in a can.

Weekend weather was 40 degrees, too hot to do anything more adventurous than scrabble (scored two 7-letter words in the one game).

Booked the mercy visit to the old dear in Old Caledonia next April. Hope she lasts till then, but even if not, I've been calling her several times a week, and we both get much more out of it than the always-fraught face to face meets. The best part of these trips is usually the weissbier on the Bavarian leg.

Yesterday the temperature dropped by 20 degrees, so I made the best apple crumble yet, with magic ingredients like blueberries, nutmeg, and a weird Chinese pear thing. Oats and butter for the topping.

Emailing the niece, I suddenly realized I'm actually almost looking forward to having her to stay in the new year.

I'm being sent on a week-long training course in a new language. I insist on going for one day a week, spread over 5 weeks. When you do all 5 days in one stretch, by day 3 the brain's full to overflowing and you end up hating the whole topic.

Watched a French-Canadian film, with surely the most gorgeous woman alive (Denny being dead). I'm on the iPod now, or else I would google the actress and insert a photo here, and you'd see what I mean. Update:

I hope your life is going nicely too. I'm not one of these subscribers to the zero-sum view, as if your happiness is at the expense of mine.

- Posted from iPod


  1. Albert? Is the Ipod out in the garden? Can it take off for the mother ship? Does it announce itself as I Pod? Maybe I've got this all wrong. I've been reading about milking and massaging your prostate recently. Luckily, for such as yourself, this is highly recommended on health grounds. Is that what the Ipod is for? I bet it is. Be useful on those hot nights when you can't get to sleep. I Pod, You Podger! Takes all kinds! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, how do you this prostate-milking that you've been "reading about"?

    It's not for me, it's for a colleague at the institute.

    Google says "serious health dangers can result if the prostate milking is performed incorrectly ... possible serious health dangers from prostate milking could be Fournier's gangrene, blood poisoning,the transfer of prostate cancer ..."

    There should be a centre where you can have it done professionally. If it catches on, maybe these places will be everywhere, like manicurists and tanning parlours. You can use that Hotters in one of your novels.

  3. Albert? Thank god I only recommend the milking to other people. Fournier can keep his gangarene. Is that the same boy with the Last Theorem? You probably have to be an addict to get the gangarene. Surely, that's some way down the road! Hotboy p.s. The gurl is quite nice!!

  4. Hotters, the gangrene would perhaps explain why it was his Last Theorem.