Saturday, November 28

local political fixers

I was reading a post at the hotblog about a Bellshill political fixer. My uncle who founded the Piddledorf Pension Plan (now in liquidation) was the man people went to for solutions, probably amassing a bit of good fortune for himself in the process.

I miss the way he used to treat me like an equal (when he wasn't badmouthing me behind my back). I remember when I was about twenty odd, him saying "what do you think of Pol Pot?" and "that Lon Nol's a basturn, eh?" Later, it was "what do you think of this new guy Clinton?" Politicians spend a lot of time assessing other politicians. It's only as I approach the age he was then, that I'm developing some ability to see straight to the core of a man (and judge him). The concept of deifheidism has been a great help in that respect.

Speaking of politicians, I just heard on the radio that the coalition of Aussie pollies who have been meeting all day to stitch together a vote to impose an emissions trading scheme, is perhaps falling apart as we speak. Albert will be so relieved. Australians are the world's worst polluters, but also the most heavily taxed, by the most incompetent politicians. Three world firsts in one.

I found a photo of Catherine de Léan, that French-Canadian actress. I'm French-Caledonian myself, which is almost the same thing, but I don't normally look like that.

For me this photo is powerful eye candy (but not willy candy). If blissism ever develops to the point where it uses mandalas like that, count me in.

Just in case she Googles herself and lands here, and wants to make contact, here's my address:

Île Plate,


  1. Albert? If you hadn't been a layabout and had gotten even richer from your inherited wealth, you might have done the Michael Caine thing and got the best looking woman in the world whom he saw in an advert and woo-ed her. Burt if yon woman ever googles herself and contacts you, don't mention your idea for the prostate milking parlours. It won't help. Hotboy. p.s.You can meditate on that photie if you like. Just keep gazing. p.s. She doesn't look very masculine really. Odd that.

  2. I say!

    A bit of a cracker, that one.

    MM III

  3. Mingers, I suppose it's my own fault for including the picture - nobody bothers reading the brilliant prose.

    Hotters, thanks to your PR work, film stars will any day be lining up to invest some of their movie percentages in the parlour empire.