Tuesday, March 9

recent email

Extract from recent email.

Hi Rob,

Hope the cellmate's 'scopy went as well as mine. I was told not to come back for 5 years. I could see that my colon was squeaky clean on the T.V., and after shitting water for a whole day and a brisk enema, so it should have been.

My friend Peter didn't get an examination until it was too late. After chemo and surgery last week, it's not good news I'm afraid...so I count myself lucky.

Heard from Harry again and I'm trying to talk him into visiting Scotland when you/I are there.

Yours, Dances etc.

Hi Dances, good to know you're master of your colon, as Hawkwind might have said. The cellmate is clear too.


PS I hope Harry shows up. With compound interest, the 20 quid I loaned him in 72 will easily cover a slap-up feed all round.


  1. Albert? At my advanced age I'm refusing any examinations and will just die, thank you very much. Hotboy

  2. Albert? Whatever happened to Harry? Hotboy

  3. I say!

    This is all rather too graphic.

    MM III

  4. Is this what happens to the calvinist toilet trainees at the end of the day? The full blooter! Hotboy

  5. Hotters. Whatever happened to Harry indeed! He did a runner with the drugs he bought with 20 nicker.

    Mingers. Can I help it if I receive graphic emails?