Thursday, March 4


Wednesday. I'm now sick with a chest/throat thing that I caught from another blog. And getting a swine flu jab on top has only added to the malaise. The thing I really dislike is the sleep deprivation self-torture. Every time you drop off, you cough yourself awake again.

I've promised myself that because I soldiered on at work Monday and Tuesday, I'm taking today, my longest day, off sick. Ah sickies - one of the benefits of being a wage-slave.

Mind you then I spoilt the sickie by spending several hours emailing every client, outlining a work plan for them to follow on their own.

I've just realised, the clients think of me as someone who's wise, or at least sane. I'm not sure which is the greater achievement of my life. Appearing sane, or getting inside certain pants. I must remember and tag this post for future eulogists.


  1. Albert? You have my sympathy as regards the disease. There's a lot of it about. How would you fancy some post-influenza malingering basturn disease next? Hotboy

  2. I say,

    Here's something to cheer you up, on your sickbed.

    MM III

  3. Hotters, I think they call it blissing.

    Mingers, I heard from Albert the new heid bummer of ICC is someone who can't bat, bowl ir catch.

  4. I say!

    How completely unfortunate. Give him somme advice.

    MM III