Friday, May 28

friday night

The weekend. I think I'm supposed to meet Cap'n Kev for coffee, but otherwise I'm free to read. I've got one and a half Irvine Welshes, a recent J P Donleavy, and something recommended by Dances - The Stornoway Way. He says it's like a Hebridean Trainspotting.

Listening planned. Best of Soft Machine. I missed out on them at the time, but have been reading about them, ancestors of some great Brit prog rock bands. Also CDs by Lightning Hopkins, whom I used to listen to stoned with Angie and her pal. And an Ahmad Jamal CD of standards.

Must remember to also do some yoga and a long walk, to balance up the cerebral activity.


  1. Dearie me! Not one mention of the bliss there, I'm afraid. Dearie, dearie me! Hotboy

  2. Actually you're right, the weekend so far has been such a waste of time, I might as well have been sitting staring into space.