Sunday, May 2

sexual inequality

In the web cafe in Berlin. The cars outside are having a mass horn honking for May 1. If only they'd been sent to a good school they'd know better.

Have survived the week at PPP HQ, mainly by doubling the bliss pills.

When we got to the hotel here, we went wild. Jumped on the beds, showered without wiping down the shower, left a mess on the floor. Yes we know how to have fun.

Decided to treat the cellmate to a show, without knowing what it was about. In a majectis old opera house. Turned out to be 8 bare arsed guys doing their yoga. Cellmate loved it. I hate dance stuff. The 8 women kept their gear on. What a swindle.


  1. Have you kept practising the prostate massage dance with the feather stuck up your bum? I would have thought that might have gone down well among a crowd like that. Hotboy

  2. Robs,

    Did you enjoy the Bavarian toilets that are designed to give you a perfect view of your emissions?


  3. Hotters, it's art not perversion when it's on a stage.

    Rodz. Yes, and a perfect smell as well.

  4. I say!

    "horn honking" in Kalimbuka has rather a different connotation.

    MM III