Saturday, May 8

pension party postives

Everything balances up, and the party wasn't all negative.

For one thing, the servants kept bringing more plates of vegetables - a rarity in Bavaria. Broccoli. Real peas. Fresh asparagus ad nauseam. I was able to avoid dead animals altogether, while insensitive meatheads slagged off vegetarianism.

I made a point of speaking to everyone I knew, and several I didn't know, even some insufferable blockheads I have avoided for decades. And you know what? Once you talk to them, you end up pitying rather than despising them.

I chatted to a distant rellie who is also a hottie. Not just physically, but she has intelligence and integrity. Someone you could honour and adore for a good while before the rot set in. I only see her every ten years, but each time I realise that, if I wasn't already happily shackled, I would be pestering her. You know how once in a blue moon you meet someone you go gaga for, and you know there's a certain amount of reciprocation, even if only platonic? She's a class act, and as she was leaving she gave me her card - "any time you're in Hanover look me up".


  1. Albert? Don't go around chasing after these old women! It's disgraceful! No wonder you've got a sore back! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Is she one of the rich ones? That would make a difference! Hotboy

  3. I say!

    If you're not gong to use her card, you can send it to Box 370, Zomba.

    MM III

  4. Hotters. At this age, old women can still be ten years one's junior, and therefore hot as hell.

    Mingers, are you sure Cabbage could handle Bavaria?