Saturday, November 19

cold wars

Meanwhile, Mingers has reminded me about an old Beach Boys song, which I first heard on Fanny's record player when I was about 14. To me the lyrics seemed almost blasphemous at the time. Wouldn't It Be Nice To ... sleep together. The idea of waking up beside your own real live woman (girl really).

In those days I believed that the reason I enjoyed hanging out with Colin and George was for the smoking and the drinking and the Stones records, but really it was because they were babe magnets, and got me into the company of Fanny, Elaine and Moira. The joy of kissing and minor gropings, and eavesdropping on the chat of girls - I remember them going into a swoon over God Only Knows.

In those days there was a Cold War on, and we sometimes liked to imagine that the cellar where we hung out could become our fallout shelter, where we could snog our way through a nuclear war.

Artist's impression of a mutated albert:

albert mutated

Nowadays, Albert may be entering a new cold war. Obama has just been visiting his place, and announced that he's opening an American military base in Darwin. Now that the middle east is no fun any more for the soldiers, it's time to ramp things up in South East Asia, with Australia as one big U.S. aircraft carrier.

While he was in Oz, Obama lectured the Chinese, telling them to grow up and float their currency. If I was China, I'd start asking for their loans back.


  1. Me thinks that Mr Obama should look to cleaning up his own mess before lecturing anyone about what they are doing.

    Maybe if these folks spent more time cleaning up their own messes there would be less trouble in the world.

    That mutation makes me a little queezy.

  2. My wee comment disappeared because I had to change my profile. Oh well! There was a joke in it too!! Anyway.. forget it! Hotboy

  3. Since writing this post I read someone advising Obama to be MORE confrontational with the mafia currently running the place, over their increasing human rights violations on dissident writers.

    In Scotland the government doesn't need to bother repressing their writers - they obligingly delete their own comments.

  4. I say!

    Even Casper and Farley go into a swoon over God Only Knows.

    MM III

  5. Mingers, their ears are attuned to screeching.