Tuesday, November 22

long march

Saturday. Today we did our longest walk ever, 20km through forest and scrub, and along beaches, all in semi-tropical conditions. I couldn't have done it without the Chinese marching weed, green tea. I had a big flask of it with me, and when that ran out we used cafes.

At the place where we had lunch, the builders were doing alterations with drills and a power saw. They're great planners, the New South Caledonians, always managing to cause maximum inconvenience and reminding the paying customers that they're not a priority.

Conversation was impossible, the cellmate was getting a sore heid, and my tinnitus was going off the scale. But we'd ordered lunch and we were too starving to start looking for somewhere else to eat. Rather than accept things as they were, I nipped out to a chemist and came back with paracetamol and orange foam earplugs. Perfect peace.

Now, the cellmate is quite a bit younger than me, and in some ways fitter. But I'm pleased to tell you that by the end of the day, after 5 hours of walking, wading and scrambling she was stumbling and semi-incoherent, while I was ready to do the whole thing over again. When we got home, she went directly to bed, while I did my yoga routine, to ward off cramps and stiffness. The Thai fish curry I made was a big success, and now I'm in bed with the fan on, too hyped to sleep.

Some of the beaches we passed were chockers with power-boat folk, drinking and lying around on deck. I took some pictures to show you how clear the water was (don't let the boat people distract you).

Just to be clear - this is the part of the photo that you shouldn't let distract you:

These people were in serious discussion. There was a person in the water behind the boat - all you can see is a hand, holding a cigarette up to keep it dry, a conscientious smoker.



  1. Albert? Well done on walking so far through the desert! Once the opposition gets to the stumbling and staggering you know you've won, but this might not be so good as you might end up carrying all the bags, and wondering why they've picked this particular time to get the vapours! Anyway, I don't like walks. And folk who walk about the place always get depressed. Ask your cellmate to put a review on Alma Mater if she liked it. Nobody's reviewed it yet! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. I believe Albert reviewed it a while back. Did you delete it as usual?

  3. Sounds like a great walk, but I'd have been flat out like your cellmate I'm afraid.

    Though it looks beautiful enough that you might not notice the distance till the end.

    Sounds like folks there learned customer service from folks here.

  4. I say!

    No-one in those boats seems to be watching out for hippos. Very dangerous.

    MM III

  5. Nanners. In these parts, the very idea of customer service is considered heresy, since it might imply that the customer is superior to the staff.

    Mingers. Did you read about the guy who was eaten by his pet hippo?

  6. Albert? I was meaning on Amazon. Reviews sell ebooks apparently! Hotboy

  7. I say!

    He was an Afrikaner.

    MM III

  8. Hotters. He reviewed it on Amazon.

    Mingers. I know what you're saying.

  9. Albert? Why doesn't it show on the page then? Hotboy