Sunday, November 6

yet another day

Compared to some people I don't get out much.Today was an exception. In the morning I met Cap'n Kev for breakfast. Later we drove to the foreshore for coffee with several of his chums - I was the youngest one there, and the only one still working. I got a foretaste of the social life of old guys.

After all the coffee/tea in the morning I was full of energy. This afternoon I went with the woman across the road, and her dog, for a walk along a different part of the harbour shore.

Back home: light weight training. Mowed lawn and weeded.

In the evening, the cellmate had all her fem chums for dinner, so I was off duty. From time to time I crept into the kitchen and stacked their dishes into the dishwasher. None of them are domesticated. Untamed as a matter of principle.

At one point, the cellmate suggested I go to the living room and say hello to everyone, but when I do that it always feels like being sent downstairs to kiss the adults goodnight.

Another day gone. Sometimes I can hardly believe how long I've lived. And still never broken a bone or had a crash (except once). Like many people, my ambition was never to have a job, but to my surprise I've ended up not claiming the dole since the 70s. Amazing. It's been an easy life, apart from the black spot and a few other disasters.


  1. Sounds like a good day.

    I am starting to find myself in the company of old ladies and not sure I enjoy it more than I did younger ladies. Women in groups aren't always nice.

    This is the first time in my life I haven't had to work. It was hard to adjust to. I grew up thinking that work is what you did and that was that.

    Of course I am always in the wrong time for things. When I was a young mother I got grief because I had to work to support my family. Now I get grief because I don't work. There is no winning.

  2. I say!

    It's never a good idea to have a dinner party if the servants are not on duty. However, they can always do the dishes and cleaning up the next morning.

    MM III

  3. Nanners, there is indeed no winning.

    Because I rarely resent my work, it never feels like work, more like "what I do in my life". I'll probably miss it when I retire.

    Mingers. Hereabouts I am the servants.

  4. Albert? I had a jobbie once. I have not missed it for one second! Hotboy

  5. Hotters. It all balances up.