Monday, November 28

don't mention the thingy

I gave up tea again on Friday. As a result the weekend walk was pathetic. Hard going all the way, and none of it pleasurable. What a difference a tea makes.

Tomorrow Albert gets his botanic garden inspected, so today it's the great hosing out.

Never willing to be upstaged, his cellmate has decided to take to her sickbed. She's supposed to be the driver tomorrow.

Please note, this post was written without the aid of any mention of toilets.


  1. Albert? I haven't had any drink for two whole days!! Also, no nicotine or bob hope since last Monday. But I'm trying to emanate as a deity. For flatheids ...The man says there's nothing worth giving up for a few more years in the geriatric ward. Powder up the tea leaves and snort them. Go for it! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. You're making sense. Will you be my guru (not on the blissheidism for now of course)? I've got a home brew weissbier kit, but after that's finished I'm going to start buying Erdinger all the time. Life's too short not to. Not that I'm recommending it to you.

  3. Albert? You can't buy Erdinger round here anymore! The weissbier home brew kits are great! The beer actually tastes very nice indeed, and comes in at 50p a pint. However, it's even cheaper is you renounce alcohol altogether like me! Hotboy

  4. I say!

    Everyone is giving up things. Except me.

    I see no point in giving up anything. Have just sent Doviko down to the bottle store, as reserves were beginning to run short.

    MM III

  5. Hotters. Home brewing is all very well for OAPs with nothing else to do, but some of us have to help run the place.

    Mingers. I expect Doviko wishes he could give up opening the gin on the way back from the shop, then topping the bottle up with water.