Sunday, June 3

on being an @rsehole

The garden cancer has been poisoned, and the backyard trees have been slaughtered. The shower screen's finally installed. I've almost finished the work of booking Albert's flights, trains, hotels and a car. Even the lingering lung disease seems to be tailing off.

You'd think I might have earned the right to be left alone, but no! Last night I had to go to the theatre on a free ticket, chauffeured by the cellmate. It came after a whole day at work, including 4 hours with the annoying yet charming client. Before and after the play I behaved worse than a child, whingeing, belittling the cellmate in public, arguing boorishly with her friends, sneering and harrumphing. Sitting in the audience before the start, I was wearing headphones to block out the worst of the chatter. When one of our group asked if I'd be taking the 'phones off later, I shouted (because of the headphones) "yes, when everyone shuts the eff up". Someone should really have taken me aside and offered to punch me. If only I was a social drunk, like normal people, I would be able to stand these occasions.

Now that the old dear's dead, I'm turning into her. For most of my life I was nicety nice, but now I seem to be discovering my inner #%!#. It's all balancing up, but I wonder if I'll live long enough to achieve full balance.

PS the play was by Eugene O'Neill, Strange Interlude.


  1. Some days we don't make good choices. Would have been better to tell the cellmate you were staying home.

    I expect she will think again before taking you with her after that bit of behaviour.

  2. Fortunately she has a short memory.

  3. Albert? Blind as well! Nice to see you're starting to act out a bit. Just tell them exactly what you think. You'll soon leave you alone. That'll be ten percent off the top. Hotboy

  4. Hotters. Ten percent of what exactly?

  5. I say!

    There's nothing wrong with a good harrumph.

    MM III

  6. Or a very forgiving nature.

    I hope you are as patient with her fits of pique as she seems to be with yours.