Wednesday, December 26

nietzsche christmas

Looking for some holiday reading, on hotters' recent recommendation I downloaded some Nietzsche - Beyond Good And Evil in the English translation. I got as far as page 1 and a half. Dearie me!

The leading deifheid dudes are all out of town, so the obligatory two days of Xmas socialising has been less painful than usual. Of course the food's still the usual: designer dips, tortured chickens, and dry turkey. Sugary desserts that are too sickly even for the kids. I avoid most of the food, and fill up on decent stuff when I get back home.

Cellmate Santa gave me three concert tickets for next year. I got two presents from Albert: a blogging app that allows proper HTML with links. And Spinal Tap de luxe blu-ray edition. Recently I watched a Black Sabbath documentary, which reminded me just how accurate was the Spinal Tap film. If anything, the Sabbath story was even funnier.

Santa decided I didn't need one of these, seen recently on a toy shop shelf here:


  1. I say!

    Not only is there free beer for old people in Jockland, but now in New South Caledonia the kids are taught how to get free money. I think that Kalimbuka is lagging behind, somewhat.

    MM III

  2. Mingers. Kids here already have their own in-house money dispensers, we call them parents.

  3. Albert? That must have been why I haven't read the Beyond Good book! Anyway, I've downloaded about 150 books onto my new Kindle and I don't think I'll be reading them either. Hotboy

  4. Hotters, are you taking your kindle to the island?

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