Sunday, December 16


Day one of the summer holidays! I walked someone else's dog, a strangely pleasant sensation.

The last few weeks have been a weary stagger to the finishing line. First there was the heat exhaustion after sand papering the outside of the house for hours in the sun. Then there was the frenzy of chaos at work. Excessive multi-tasking and task-switching wound me down to a befuddled paralysis - actually a new experience for a Bavarian toilet-trainer.

To drive myself onwards at work, I resorted to drug abuse - swilling so much tea that I could barely taste it any more. What a waste! And when that stopped working, I moved on to coffee.

Tonight I meet Cap'n Kev for our usual Xmas blooter. 2 or 3 half-price half-pints in happy hour. After that, my diary's free till next year. Hurray!

I just remembered, Dances is on his way over here to be a bad influence. To this day, his old mother still believes that I was the bad influence on him! Just because I gave him some orange sunshine I was too feart to take.


  1. Sounds like you need to drink more plain water and stay out of the sun a bit.

    Come Friday I'll be taking that sun back from you, thankyouverymuch

    I am staying in and away from people and quite happy doing it. I'd forgotten how nice it can be to hermit up.

  2. Albert|? I read the work bits of theblissbook the other day. Having a jobbie is horrible, especially if it's one you don't want! So enjoy your holidays. I don't get holidays anymore. Terrible being unemployable, so it is! Hotboy

  3. Nanners, is that cos the Mayan calendar reverses on Friday? It all balances up.

    Hotters. That's true, the good thing about work is that it throws holiday time into relief, and balances it up. PS This might interest you more than me: on Facebook the other day I read one of my grope therapy chums's account of the day he and Alan Spence met Sri Chimney and Alan was converted.

  4. Nanners. PS You were the only sociable one in this little corner of the web. ;)