Tuesday, December 18

the day after

The pub evening with Kev and his cabin girl went off okay. I got over-animated and spilled my pint, and I managed a few insults without trying. Since the old dear died I seem to have stepped into her shoes as family chief of tactlessness. But I managed to stay sober enough not to be a total twat.

I got a present from Kev. Two bottles of wheat beer from Australia. And a bag of hotboyesian yogurt or pizza, I'm not up on the technicalities. I can re-gift it as a stocking filler for Dances.

Cabin girl:




  1. Tact is for weenies, I've never suffered much from it.

  2. I say!

    "I managed to stay sober enough not to be a total twat."

    If only more people were able to come out with that statement!

    MM III

  3. Nanners. In my experience many Americans can get away with tactlessness because of their endearing charm.

    Mingers. I'm always amazed by drinkers who can knock it back all night, without any change in behaviour.

  4. Albert? The cabin girl wears opaque glasses. That's really good. Who invented glasses you can't see anything out of. Got to be a winner! Try a pair the next time you get invited to a party! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  5. Hotters. That's actually not such a bad idea. You could roll your eyes behind them.

  6. Albert? I was taken to the pub the other night most unexpectedly and I haven't been doing that much since I'v been losing weight over the past six months. Anyway, skinimalinks canny drink. I take it all back. Go back to the orange juice. Hotboy

  7. Hotters. I doubt you qualify for the skinimalinks' club yet. Did you get silly though?